Of axioms and their implications

Here are some potentially axiomatic ideas.

On their own they seem banal and entirely mundane, but, given the right context, they can be revelatory.


They will contradict each other.

They may provide relief, or inspiration.

They may cause consternation, or even hopelessness.

But all may become helpful, given time and contemplation.


This list is almost irrelevant in its degree of incompletion. I hope to add to it as time goes by. Or you can, if you happen upon it. Either way, I intend for it to grow.




The past is no longer available for editing, but we can learn from it.

We do not have access to the future, but we can shape it.

We can draw from the past and shape the future, or but we are always moving towards death.

No one knows how much time they have before their physical form perishes.

The present is all we have to work with.

Wherever you go, there you are.

Whatever the state of reality, the cosmos, the planet, humanity or your own context, you can only work within whatever you are experiencing and have available to you right now.

You are only aware of a fraction of what is happening in your immediate context, and only slightly larger fraction of what you have available to you right now.

All knowledge is filtered by input, recording , interpretation and expression.

Each of these processes is coloured restricted and encapsulated by equipment, context, culture, and observer.

We cannot know anything for certain, for we cannot know infallibly what we can trust to measure or interpret correctly.


We can only know what we can measure.

We can only measure as much as our instruments allow us to gather, and as much as our understanding allows us to interpret.


We can only know what we experience.

We can only experience what our physical form allows, and what of that experience our brains are capable of comprehending.


We can trust that we exist.

Even if we don’t exist outside of a simulation or any other extra-paradigmatic contrivance, our experience of our existence is data we can — and do from moment to moment — interpret and act upon.

Thus, whatever the ultimate reality, we still have agency over our lived experience, even if it is limited.

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