The tension COVID-19 brings

I saw two posts after each other in my Facebook timeline; one laying out the stark reality of privilege during COVID-19, and the other claiming “It’s okay to grieve… [things like your cancelled trip or your baby shower]”.

It’s a real tension:

Acknowledging your privilege — because if you are reading this, you are probably in the first group of the privilege post — hopefully doing all you can to leverage your position to help those with less than you,


Giving yourself permission to feel the emotions you are feeling: the anxiety, the grief, the loss of seemingly important and unimportant things (even if it as about something as ‘privileged’ as not being able to celebrate your child’s first birthday with family because of lockdown).


Burnout doesn’t happen because you are too busy.
Burnout happens when you no longer feel like you have control.

And if COVID-19 is stripping us of anything, it is the illusion of control.

So be gracious with others.
And be gracious with yourself. As Hillary McBride so often says, be in your body – don’t deny it the right to speak.

But don’t let your body speak over the reality of the greater suffering this world is facing either.


Privilege as defined by COVID-19 It's okay to grieve

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