Spend time with your kids

Your children will only be the age they are now right now.

Before you know it, they will suddenly have reached a new season of life, and this time will just be a (hopefully) fond memory.
If you do nothing else during this time of social isolation or lockdown, spend quality time with your kids.

Be intentional about appreciating them.

Calvin and Hobbes - Spend Time


Be intentional about getting into their world, for no other reason than to be part of it.

Put any agenda aside (values, lessons, anything) and just play with them.
Let them feel your delight in them, not as something to tick off a list, but as part of your very own flesh and blood.

Don’t let work be an excuse.
Don’t let your other responsibilities be an excuse.
Don’t even let your good intentions to help them grow get in the way of this.

There will be plenty of time for that in the years to come.
But this opportunity will only come once.
Don’t miss it.

(With greatest appreciation to Bill Waterson.)

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